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Thank you so much for stopping by our website! 

So....who is 5H Photography?  This should answer that question & give you a better idea of what we do... 


I was born and raised a southern girl in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I met Randy- the love of my life {and now husband of over 20 years} - during college at the University of Arkansas and we stayed in beautiful Northwest Arkansas to start our life together. I am the mother of three boys, each of whom means the world to me!

Yellow roses, fuzzy blankets, Friday night football, warm summer nights, brilliant fall leaves, fast-paced basketball games, waterfalls, homemade chocolate chip cookie dough {yes- dough, not cookies!}, Gone With the Wind, late-night laughs with lifelong friends, listening to the birds sing in the spring, a good book, worshiping my Lord, spending time with my family…. These are a few of my favorite things {oh- and also The Sound of Music!}

Another favorite has always been photography…. I consider myself a creative soul. I have always had an ‘artistic nature’. I think I got this from my dad- he loved photography and even won some ribbons with his work. After becoming a mother, I was never without a camera- capturing thousands of pictures of my babies. As they grew up, I was always at every event, taking pictures and giving them to other parents and kids. I kept hearing…”you could make money doing this”…

My love for being behind the camera came full-circle in 2009 when Randy & I decided to start this business- 5H Photography. Since then, I’ve spent countless hours honing my craft and I’m still learning to this day! Photography is always changing….evolving…. and so is my photography style. I love natural light. I love shooting outdoors. I love capturing ‘real’ moments… not staged ones. I love movement in my photos… a little attitude is also good. It captures what matters most: real life…beauty…spirit… cherished memories… a glimpse of your life that will last a lifetime.

My goal is for your photo session to be fun... relaxed… creative…and memorable. Whether we are in an alley or a field of tall grass, on the railroad tracks or in a creek… I will capture YOU. The real YOU. The real FAMILY. When you look back at your photos, I want you to not only see the pretty faces, but to remember the fun you had…and see true personalities captured.

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A little insight to my wonderful business partner and husband...

Randy was born in Oklahoma City, but has spent his entire life in Arkansas. Upon graduation from the University of Arkansas, he took a job with Shelter Insurance.  After seven years as an adjuster, he was given an opportunity to take over an agency in Fayetteville. He enjoys his career with Shelter Insurance and has a successful agency. Randy also serves on the Springdale School Board. In his spare time, you will find him along side me during photo sessions. He is an excellent prop manager and occasionally lends some great ideas during a session {some of my favorite shots have been HIS idea!}. I really enjoy having him work with me! 

You will also find him on the sidelines at high school football games and court-side at basketball games. He has been designated the official 'sports-action' photographer for 5H Photography. He loves being near all that action {me- not so much!}. 

Randy is also involved with all of our Team Sports sessions. 

I am very lucky to have such a wonderful partner. We truly enjoy working together!

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